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I am here to tell you about a story that is all too common for a college kid. Once Upon a Time, Chris Millan, a broke sophomore in college worked during his winter and summer breaks at a local Italian restaurant to save money for school. His only goal was to save enough money to buy his textbooks. He was fortunate to have his parents to help him with the rest. However, every year the textbooks had gotten more and more expensive. One night, he had a short conversation with his father:

However, that conversation didn’t solve much. Chris was still upset that he barely afford his books. After working all those hours at the Italian restaurant, he had to help his dad pay an unexpected car repair bill. Apparently, Chris’s sister ran over a pothole and smashed the front fender. Because it was her fault, Chris had to pay the auto repair shop bill.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 9.11.16 PM

This situation got worst, as the fall semester was quickly approaching. Chris was still broke!

So as any ill informed college student, Chris took out a small loan from an unverified source. This unverified source of income was actually a phishing scheme that stole Chris’s personal identity, permanently damaging his credit score. After a long summer of hard work and dedication and while helping his father out, he did get his textbooks, but at a cost to his prefect credit score. debtonback2

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